The initial training will be structured to teach the dog and its handler a basic range of obedience commands for use in everyday life. As confidence and experience increases you'll progress to more complex operations. The rate of progress can vary according to the breed of the dog, its age and personality.

Training can be one to one or in classes (up to 8 people).

Commands will include commands such as Sit, Down, Stand,  Watch, Heel, Wait, Stay, Come, Leave. We teach the handler to use these commands when the dog is at their side. We'll show you the most effective way of using the leash to control your pet. As confidence grows we move on to issuing the commands to the dog off-lead and from a distance. We'll encourage you to regularly practice these commands during lessons and at home, but we'll also look out for any bad habits which might negate the training.

We include socialisation training during each session to avoid the dog becoming fearful or aggressive with other dogs and people. We do not use harsh training methods, we prefer to show you how to recognise what will motivate your dog.

In the summer months, subject to weather conditions, we provided the opportunity for dog agility training around carefully designed courses on purpose built equipment.

If you need advice on the best way to care for your dog, just let us know and we'll try to give you the best advice.